• SiC Heating Elements

SiC Heating Elements

Silicon carbide (SiC) electric heating elements can be used up to 1625C element temperatures.

There are several different types, sizes and shapes.

Kanthal Globar heating elements are rigid at working temperature, therefore can be used both vertically and horizontally without support .

Silicon carbide elements can be designed with high power output.

Standard grades

Grade Decription
Kanthal Globar SD  Rod type or multi-leg elements with recrystalised hot zones which enables good resistance to oxidation and process gases.
Kanthal Globar HD Rod type or multi-leg elements with high density hot zones, low permeability which shows good resistance to oxidation, chemical attacks.


Globar HD can be used demanding applicatons where conventional SiC elemants are not suitable.

Kanthal SG and SR Tubular spiralled SiC elements made from Kanthal Globar HD material.
Kanthal Globar B Ideal for using for roof installations. It can be produced by Globar SD or Globar AS material.
Kanthal Globar AS Elements with optimized particle size distribution, uniform pore distribution and consistency of structure enable higher mechanical strength, better performance and very good resistance to chemical attacks. 
Float Glass Elements               3-Phase elements with special glaze to work for float glass tin baths.


Horizontal heaters are also available in length of 1500 mm and power up to 25 kW.

Source : KANTHAL