• Metallic Heating Elements

Metallic Heating Elements

Ready-made metallic heating elements made from wire or strip in Kanthal FeCrAl alloys or Nikrothal NiCr alloys for element temperatures between 50-1425C (120-2600F). Elements can be produced in different geometries such as;

  • Coiled elements (i.e. spiral elements and edge-wounded elements)
  • ROB - Meander elements
  • Cartridge elements (i.e. bundle rod elements and cage elements)
  • Tubothal Heating elements

Tubothal Heating Elements

Tubothal heating elements are custom designed cartridge type elements. Straight resistance wires are guided and supported through special shape ceramic discs to enable longer and trouble free service life. Tubothal elements are produced in standart diameters between 68-170 mm and supplied in desired length. The advantage of design is to be able to operate with much higher power out put comparing to conventional cartridge elements. Hence, it could be possible to do the same work with less elements. This enables major savings in replacement and maintenance cost.

Tubothal elements can be used together with radiant tubes or alone.

FeCrAl alloys : Kanthal APM, Kanthal A-1, Kanthal AF, Kanthal D

NiCr alloys : Nikrothal 80, Nikrothal 70, Nikrothal 60

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